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Course Overview

Hole 13

If you thought the last hole was difficult, you might be in for trouble! A long and straight drive is what is needed here. Going over the left bunkers might give you an advantage but it will also be very risky. Play you’re tee shot towards the right bunker and you will be left with about 150 to 170 yards. A demanding green that is lies against the edge of the quarry’s canyon will require your second shot to be the most accurate on the course. Anything left, your ball will find the boulders below-anything right could find trees. A big ridge divides the green, with the slope running away from you in the back. Only tour pro’s or a lucky bounce, will find the back left portion of this green.

Par 4

  • Black Tee = 453
  • Blue Tee = 430
  • White Tee = 403
  • Gold Tee = 364
  • Red Tee = 304